Arca Cash Eco System

The Complete Cash Management Solution

  • Combined Solution For Banknotes & Coins
  • Automatic till preparation, withdrawal & depositing
  • Coin & notes counting, sorting, validation, dispensing
  • 2 simultaneous users
  • Secure vault
  • User friendly touchscreen operation
  • Optional Quireo software suite


CM18: 1035h x 440w x 900d (mm)                                      

CC3R: 1405h x 1056w x 999d (mm)


316kg (CM18) | 210kg (CC3R)


CM18Input: 200 note bundle, Output:

Output: 200 note bundle 

Recycling Capacity4,000 notes (8 cassettes of 500 notes per cassette)

CC3RUp to 2,000 coins per denomination


CM18Input: 5 notes/second, 

Output: 7 notes/second


CM18Colour QVGA touch screen graphics display

CC3R15'' colour touchscreen

CF Detection

CM18: IR, UV, US, MG (H+S) analysis 

СС3RRejection of counterfeit coins


CM18: R232, Floor anchor fixtures, Optional embedded PC enabling integral teller application support 

CC3R: Door alarm , Management and Quireo reporting software

Additional Information

CM18: Security: Strong Box, UL291, CEN III safe options, standard locks, Software controlled safe door opening

CC3R: 8 recycling coin hoppers, Integrated PC, receipt printer, software Certified by the European Central Bank


Money recount

Withdrawing of starting money

Collection of money

Exchange of money

Realization for the day